The premium reusable name badge for Hotel, Restaurant & Retail!
Selfit® Pro is the premium choice thanks to its Plexiglas shell, a thick, rigid, glossy acrylic, which can be printed with your corporate branding. It contains a clear window under which you can slide an insert to personalise the badge.


Enhance your customer experience!
Selfit® PRO reusable badges are the premium choice when it comes to give a quality first impression. Their Plexiglas shell, a thick, rigid, glossy acrylic, printed with your corporate branding gives a professional look to your staff name badges. The clear window they contain enable the badges to be personnalised in a simple and easy way and as many times as you want.

  • Reusable Selfit® PRO Single line badges include a window area perfect for showing 1 or 2 lines of text, such as your employee name, job title and, as required, additional identifiers such as languages spoken
  • Window Size: 10 or 16 mm, Paper Insert: 12 or 18mm (sold separately – Item ref: SLOL500-11-PDM)
  • Badges can be printed in any Pantone colour to perfectly match your corporate guidelines
  • A unique thumb cut on the reverse making it easy to remove and replace inserts
  • Inserts can be produced on-site or in store using our Selfit® Software and a conventional printer or simply with a label printer
  • Badge thickness: 3mm
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