When it comes to patient safety, positive Patient Identification is mission critical. You can’t deliver patient care safely and effectively without a system in place that provides accurate identification. Positive Identification affects virtually every aspect of clinical care: the patient experience…the efficiency and accuracy of the care process…the satisfaction of nurses, physicians, and staff. These outcomes can all be tied back to the critical certainty of your identification solution. Medisar Europe provides the largest selection of accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use Patient Identification Wristbands for every applicable hospital department and application. Whether your facility imprints, applies a label, or adds a barcode to your Wristbands, we offers the right solution for you. Our Wristband Solutions accurately identify patients, comply with state colour code standardization initiatives, match the right patient to the right blood, match the right mother and baby, and streamline operations With the largest selection of patient identification solutions available, we are the right choice.

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