Selfit® Single line badges are completely reusable!
Your logo is printed and sealed below a protective, scratch-resistant surface. A paper insert (sold separately) is then changeable behind a hidden window to be able to use your badges time and time again.


Selfit® badges can be used across many sectors either as staff name badges or for delegates at your events. Selfit® badges allow you to personalise badges in house in no time at all, meaning last minute delegates can have the same looking professional badge as everyone else, and in a fast paced retail environment, staff can wear a badge immediately.

  • Reusable Selfit® Single line badges include a window area perfect for showing 1 line of text, such as a name or job title
  • Window Size: 10mm, Paper Insert: 12mm (sold separately – Item ref: SLOL500-11-PDM)
  • A unique thumb cut on the reverse making it easy to remove and replace inserts
  • Can be produced on-site at your event, at home, or in store using our Selfit® Software
  • Can be printed in any Pantone colour to perfectly match your corporate guidelines (contact us for more info)
  • Looking for that little extra something to give your name badges the edge? Then try a highly prestigious-looking Sparkryl finishing* – a high-shine, ultra glossy resin top-coat for an enhanced finish.

*Contains SVHC – Nonylphenol – no special instructions on safe use apply.

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