Premium Impress Name Badge, 75 X 32 mm

Make a great first impression with our permanent badge!
Our Premium impress badge is the ultimate permanent badge for customer facing staff. You can custom your badge with just your company name, individual names and titles or include names and logos. As badges are often the first thing customers will see when engaging with a staff member, our badges are hard wearing and high quality to make the best first impression.


Our state-of-the-art digital technology provides you with an unrivaled level of personalisation allowing you to include just about any bit of information you want on your Premium Impress badge, anything from high-quality digital imagery to country flags.

  • Each badge is individually manufactured
  • You can custom your badge with graphics, such as logos, images or country flags to identify languages spoken
  • Produced with our high gloss domed finish option* which gives your badge that prestigious look and feel
  • Could be produced in any shape and engraved in any font to perfectly match your brand (only on demand – contact us for more information)

*Contains SVHC – Nonylphenol – no special instructions on safe use apply.

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