Paper Wristband Tyvek Secureband printed design

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1/τεμάχιο – 2,5 cm wide
Custom serial numbering
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Paper Wristband Tyvek Secureband printed design

The economical wristband choice!
25mm Tyvek® wristbands are great for quick and easy identification. Choose from 25 vibrant, highly visible colours. Featuring a pull-off tab with matching number in front of band for easy removal. All imprints are printed in 1-colour only.


  • Ideal for one-day-events
  • Made of Tyvek® which is economical, comfortable, water-resistant, and tear-resistant.
  • Strong adhesive closure and unique tamper cuts cause wristbands to shred if tampered with
  • Bands are pre-printed with serial numbering


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