Chalkboard Name Badges, 75 X 50 mm, Custom Imprint at the Top or on the Left

Communicate your message instantly!
Your logo is pre-printed in full colour and the rest of the badge is covered in a chalkboard surface that can be hand-written on with liquid chalk pens to give a blackboard effect, resulting in a friendly and professional look. And last but not least, that surface is now available in a choice of 7 different colours!


The fun, cost effective reusable name badge
Chalkboard reusable badges bring style, personalisation and reusability. You simply write your message on with the liquid chalk pen to create an instant blackboard effect.

The liquid chalk pens are designed to dry quickly so text does not smudge or rub off, yet can easily be rubbed out with the cleaning cloth provided so you have the flexibility to be creative and reuse your badges for other members of staff, without the need for design software and printers.

  • This version includes a top or a leftside printing area
  • 1 package includes: 10 chalkboard badges, 1 chalk pen and 1 microfiber duster
  • Produced with our high gloss domed finish option* on top part which gives your badge that prestigious look and feel
  • Can be written on time and time again
  • Full colour printing of logos
  • Chalkboard surface: choice of 7 different colours
  • The perfect choice for bars, cafes and restaurants
  • Quick delivery

*Contains SVHC – Nonylphenol – no special instructions on safe use apply.

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